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Canada Goose Winter Trench Coats & Jackets for Women Online

I just attended my first Sundance Film Festival, and I think I may be addicted. There is a definite possibility you will find me roaming the streets of Park City, Utah again next year. Canada Goose was one of the main sponsors for Sundance this year, and it has been so exciting to travel with their team to cover the films and snuggle in their amazing coats. Canada Goose is iconic in the film industry. canada goose jacket, Their delicious and super warm jackets are a life saver on set for film shoots all around the world. Directors, cinematographers, and producers swear by their coats for a long day on set. I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember…for as long as I could snowboard! I couldn’t wait to snuggle inside mine the moment we landed in Salt Lake City.

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Fresh snow, clear blue skies, and colorful little homes perfectly perched on the side of the mountains. Talk about a true winter wonderland. Everything was white and glittering off the sun. I couldn’t wait to sit by the fire with a good hot cup of cocoa. Such a precious moment! But let’s get back to this amazing down parka. I cannot stress how much I genuinely adore the Canada Goose coat. canada goose mens jacket cheap It’s like walking in a sleeping bag. It keeps you incredibly warm in the even most severe winter climates. If any of you saw a large crew walking down Main Street wearing the same parka with our hoods up, pulled tightly around faces, it must have been us.


Just me and my adorable geese (that’s what I called our crew members all weekend long!) In between screenings, we were either downing hot toddies at the local bar, or at the canada goose chateau parka installation where they had their very own film, “OUT THERE” playing on repeat. We even had a morning to ourselves for paddle board yoga at The Homestead Crater, filled with natural hot water. It was one of the most fun, and relaxing things I’ve experienced. I definitely made a few screams as I fell face down in Warrior One into the water.

Canada Goose Winter Trench Coats & Jackets for Women Online

The UMA model is already a success in the first women’s collection of n and a real eye catcher. This chic coat is perfect for the not-so-cold spring and autumn days or a balmy summer evening. The genius: if it is something colder, UMA can easily the nabholz insulation combined with jacket Amanda. canada goose trillium parka In the truest sense of the word, that makes an “all Season short Coat” UMA. nabholz relies on a unique upper material, a synthetic cotton blend, canada goose clearance, its surface using a light wax finish gives the unique look and incredible feel and makes them also water repellent and windproof. The high collar protects from unpleasant Windzügen also the neck and looks in combination with the visible buttons just casual.

The style is already a success in the very first women collection of n UMA and a great eye-catcher. This very chic short coat is perfect for the not so cold spring and fall days or balmy summer evenings. The ingenious part: if there are of Caroline times Amanda, the nabholz insulation jacket is perfect addition. This makes UMA in the truest sense of the word to “All Season Short Coat”. canada goose jacket vancouver focuses on its unique upper, a synthetic fabric and cotton cover that gives the surface the unique look and incredible feel with a light wax finish and makes it additionally water repellent and windproof. canada goose clearance sale, The high collar protects the neck from unpleasant wind moves and looks nonchalant in combination with the visible button row.

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